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Date ngày Ghi Danh 11/29/2005 4:23:27 AM 
Gender- Giới Tính Male (Female = nu, Male=nam)
Marital status Single 
Year Năm Sinh 1968 
City TP Saigon Saigon 
Country Nước Vietnam 
Height Cao 6 Feet 4 Inches (193 cm) 
Weight Nặng 210 lbs (96 kg) 
Religion Tôn Giáo Spiritual
Education Học-Vấn Some grad school 
Occupation NN Teacher 
Drinking Uống Rượu Light Drinker 
Smoking Hút thuốc Non-Smoker 
About me Giới thiệu I am a very happy person - I love to have fun, I love to laugh, and I'm always smiling. I am a pretty laid-back guy – my idea of heaven is relaxing near a beach, or chatting with friends, or cuddling with my sweetheart (if I had one!). My personal passions are my family, my friends, my writing, travel, movies, photography, animals, dancing, sleep, and meeting people and sampling food (especially chocolate) from all around the world. I do enjoy visiting bars and clubs with a group of friends, but these joints have never yet been the place (for me at least) to meet “Miss Right”. (Or not even “Miss Right-Now”!) Pretty much any new experience gets me excited, I am very easy-to-please, one big kid!!! I love everything and everyone, but like everyone, I guess, I one day hope to meet someone I can love in that extra-special way. After a lot of living and a lot of travelling around the world, I am now settled in Vietnam – since March 2005 in Vung Tau, and from January 2006 in HCMC. I love both my new career as a teacher and especially the rich culture and warm people of this wonderful country. I like the quiet life but I also enjoy socialising and visiting new areas. I have many wonderful Vietnamese friends here, and my life here is very happy and full…but still missing something. Or someone... Maybe it's you.  
Looking T́m I'd really just like someone pretty to hold hands with at the movies... But everything good starts as friendship. We could meet for coffee, grab some dinner, take a whirlwind tour around the world...whatever. It’s all fun. If you feel like catching up for a friendly chat, say hello to a hotmale called skyrodent. It would be great to hear from you. All I really expect from this crazy cupid thing is to meet a few interesting people and have a few laughs. I don't think anyone can make enough friends in this world. We can all learn something valuable and special from everybody else. Ultimately, however, I would love to meet a friend who might one day become my soulmate. Someone travelling on a similar path through life. Someone who loves life as much as me. Someone not afraid to take risks. Someone honest with herself and with the world. Someone who can light up a room with energy and laughter but someone who also loves to sleep in and cuddle all day long at every opportunity. Someone beautiful and smart and funny and gentle and kind and genuine and caring and… Who knows?... She might be reading this right now…  

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